Friday, May 27, 2011

The Baby Whisperer?: Daddy & Asher in, "daddy tags in..."

Being a former nanny , I’ve learned many things over the years... but it wasn’t until I had the pleasure of meeting my son that I learned my most valuable lesson of all... neeever ...underestimate a baby;)

It was a day like any other. With a mommy check list (as faaar as the eye could see;) ...but as the sun began to set signaling its end, I could only see one thing. That I? Had survived lol.
Against all odds I was home. My hot cocoa was being nuked and my little Asher? Was already fed, changed and all toasty in his “If I cant sleep, no one sleeps!” onsie. Waiting(patiently might I add:) for his mommy to put him to bed.
Suddenly, in the background.... I heard a familiar ::click,click:: sound....
I looked at Asher puzzled, Asher looked right back ... (with what looked like glee? obviously realizing muuuch faster than mommy that Daddy ? Was home early;)
After quickly settling in, I could here my husband scurrying up the hall towards us.
(Daddy whispering) “Is he still up”? (Asher shouting back) “Daaadeee” (of course while emphasizing his d's with everything he had;)
Within moments my little guy was in daddys arms, I was being shoed away, while my sweet (or crazy wasn’t quite sure at that time) husband proclaimed with confidence...”Dont worry babe? I goooot this!” (Tella) "Honey, maaaaybe.."
But before I could finish a word, I was somehow already out  the door lol.

15 minutes later.....

Curious to see how it was going in daddy land, I decided to tip toe on over and take a peak.;) As I Slowly crept into the bedroom, low and behold I found? Daddy lying on his back(looking exhaaausted lol)...and Asher? ..bouncing up and down on top of him! While grinning victoriously of course;).
But before I could even speak a word, daddy had lept off the bed, passed Asher right back over to me, and while making his exit uttered two simple words...
“he won.” lol
Well...cant say I didn't try to warn him. 

Glancing down at my now smiling son, I couldn't help but laugh and say "yeeeah...I know, daddy makes me smile too." lol. ¯\_()_/¯

(I Love you honey ;)

~xoxo Tella

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Babyism's: first words and than some...

There are sooo many firsts that I think as mommies, we have a tendancy to look forward to. Their first smile....first laugh...first roll...But there's always been that one first, that always has a way of leaving me all choked up lol.
Which one? ..why their first word of course:)

Now, I understand logically (in my head anyway), there is (technically) only one first word that a child gets to utter in his life. The probability of it ending up your number one choice(Tella whispers) “Mommy”, is quite slim. But in real life? I’ve never really been that logical lol.
Sooo pretty much thinking I had it in the bag, I waited. For what?the inevitable (or maybe vain ::eek!::) I really wasn’t  sure at the time, but ladies? wait I did.

Several weeks later...

It was your average day (filled with lovely mommy chaos), accompanied by the echoes of my babbling son bouncing off our walls. It was then that life suddenly seemed to stand still, and in those next few moments I stood and watched in aw... as my sons babbling began to manifest into something else. All that could be heard was my little boys sweet voice, “shouting” with pride
(yes for some reason he thinks shouting is our inside voice) his very first word to the world “Daddeee!”(emphasis on the d's and e's lol).
No it wasn’t mommy but, my god, it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard:) ::sigh::
And I wouldn't have traded that moment for anything in the world( not even for a name that rhymed with salami;)

Soooo, am I still anxiously waiting to be his next big word? Well after already being passed over for his next two "words des jours" (that and  yeah) ...I pretty much decided to stop worrying about it.:) Besides, Im pretty sure that in the veeery near future, I'll be waking up to the sound of my sons voice in the morning. And the echo's being heard bouncing off our apartment walls? Will be ….
 "Mmmmooooomeeee” (Emphasis on the m's and e's;).

Ahhh, the life of a mommy lol till next time girls;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mommydom: surviving milestones...

The beginning of my day…

The sun subtly peaks through my chocolate colored (what I thought were sun proof) curtains, and with perfect aim proceeds to hit me directly in my eyes…
(Me) "Good morning sun.” (Sun)“Good morning Tella.”
I turn over and happen to see my adorable son wake up juuust in time to see my blinding wakeup call …and he of course, begins to giggle with delight… could’ve been at my plight, could’ve been he just felt the need to giggle, lol I guess we’ll never know. Leaping out of bed, I mosey on towards my son to start my day:)
Sooo within the last few days, my son has discovered that he has the ability to sit up on his own. Now... I normally take pleasure in my sons brand new triumphs, but this one came with a price…What goes up? Must come down. The moment I realized he had seemed to master sitting up, and maneuvering himself within the confines of his play yard (aka my haven/his cage). I felt a huge sense of relief. Knowing I could just run into the kitchen at any moment and brew myself up a fresh cup of bustello with no worries.  I mean, because I knew (kneeew) that he was safely tumbling around without a care in the world...right?
(Several moments later)…as the heavenly scent of coffee began to gently fill the air…there it was…”Thump”…followed by the worst sound a mother could possibly hear…my son crying at the top of his lungs. I began to run for dear life from the kitchen towards the living room(a very, veeery short distance mind you, but yes... I ran none the less lol)..I than scooped up my tearfully blubbering son and held on to him closely, in the hopes that he would now know the world was safe once more…(ok a bit dramatic yes…but true.) :)
This little story ladies is a brief example of how the rest of my day pretty much went lol, thump, cry and me probably more panicked than he was. So yes I love and cherish my little A’s accomplishments…but god help me, they terrify me too lol.
(And yes I did eventually get too enjoy my nice cup a joe…micro waved to perfection of course) :)
On that note...till next time girls,
heres to milestones;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Perfect Madness By Day? it all began

So one cold winter evening, as I sat on my comfy my comfy slippers and was wrapped snuggly in my favorite comfy, burgundy chenille blanket:)
I noticed something odd…
Silence! I mean aaaabsolute, complete quiet.... throughout my entire apartment?

My darling rambunctious 8 month old son Lil A?  
(who’s normally either giggling up a storm...or having us give chase as he crawls stealth like;
a la“Jack Bower," through out the entire house.)
Was peeeacefully asleep in his crib.

My wonderfully sweet husband? ::whispering:: “Who has a tendency to distribute quite impressive... possibly even deafening, truck like sounds via his nostrils as he sleeps…all though he denies it.
Was also sound asleep!

And there it was.. a sudden sence of panic! 
...all this quiet alone time...this sudden freedom..
But what to do with it? Should I just go get some good old fashion sleep?....
Hmmm...I thought long and hard, when finally it hit me. ::Smile::
(What you'll soon learn is..that along with a fresh hot cup of bustello coffee every morning, wife and mommy geared talk shows & a good daily dose of  my morning stories{aka One Life to Live}...blogging is one of my addictive guilty pleasures:)

And, so here I am.

So ladies?
Take a load off, grab your cup a joe and put the kiddies down for a nap, and let that washer cycle from rinse to spin.

As we get...random, messy and perfectly imperfect.
Here we go!


Hope you enjoy my blog:)